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Reduce the Stress of Probate

By utilizing advanced systems and modern technologies, we’ve streamlined the process to open and administer an estate, making it easier and more efficient.

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With access to your own online client portal, clear directions and simple digital checklists, it’s easy to gather paperwork and authorize signatures to administer an estate.

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At Fritz Law LLC, our 5 star team takes pride in focusing on customer service. Our goal is to provide a convenient, highly personalized legal experience in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This approach allows our clients to focus on the grieving process and family.


John P. Fritz

Managing Attorney

Attorney John P. Fritz is the founder and Managing Attorney at Fritz Law LLC. John decided to focus his law firm exclusively on probate administration because of how difficult and confusing the probate process can be to individuals and families who recently lost a loved one. By utilizing advanced systems and modern technologies, John has streamlined the process to open and administer an estate, making it easier and more efficient.

“When my mother passed way I reached out to John Fritz for his estate services. He navigated me through the complex process with professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. Sharing documentation and correspondence was easy using his client portal and both he and his staff were always responsive.”

Annie G. Cain

Paralegal and Director of Administration

Annie G. Cain is a Paralegal and Director of Administration at Fritz Law LLC. She personally handles a number of important tasks at the firm, including client communications, preparing documents and filing documents with the proper probate courts.

”Being named an Executor of my deceased sister’s estate was tremendously challenging. It involved much more than I thought, and I was completely overwhelmed. After asking around, I was referred to Fritz Law and they walked me through every step of the probate process. I don’t believe I could have made a better decision. Annie was simply wonderful; so professional and compassionate…”

Maria A. Estrada

Intake Specialist

Maria A. Estrada is an Intake Specialist at Fritz Law LLC. She is responsible for answering incoming calls, gathering initial information, scheduling consultations, and making sure that all questions by potential clients and current clients are addressed in a timely fashion.

“Great working with them. Super responsive. It was a pleasure to deal with them.”

HOW can a probate attorney help you?

Probate court can be very confusing and time-consuming for someone who is not familiar with the process. No need to worry though. An experienced probate attorney can advise and assist the Personal Representative (Executor) of the estate with the following:

Identifying Necessary Documents

When a family member or friend passes away, the Personal Representative of the estate must identify and locate various important documents that will be used by the probate court to determine how the deceased person’s property should be distributed. These documents may include: a death certificate, last will and testament, real estate deeds, financial information, funeral bills, etc.

Preparing Court Filings

In order to start the probate process, someone needs to prepare and file the necessary documents with the court. These documents typically need to be prepared by an attorney. Hiring the right probate attorney can help streamline this process and ensure that all of the right forms and documents are submitted to the probate court for processing.

Inventory Of Probate Assets

The Personal Representative of the estate must take an inventory of all of the decedent’s assets and determine which assets should be included in the probate estate. This may require the Personal Representative to review life insurance documents, real estate deeds, titling of accounts, beneficiary designations and trust documents. Having an experienced probate attorney to help with this process can be extremely beneficial.

Settling Outstanding Debts

Once all of the decedent’s assets are inventoried, the Personal Representative of the estate may be required to provide notice to the decedent’s creditors so that any outstanding debt claims can be addressed and paid accordingly.

Distribution Of Assets

Once the decedent’s probate estate is inventoried and all debts are paid, the Personal Representative is required to distribute the remaining probate assets according to a will or intestate laws. This process may require that certain assets be appraised/sold and a probate attorney can help and advise the Personal Representative throughout this process.